About us

Townships Foundation is a nonprofit organization founded by a Stenden student after returning from doing her minors in Stenden South Africa. After spending five months in South Africa and see what is the situation in some areas of the country, she decides to take actions and to devote her time and energy in helping the ones in need.

Townships Foundation fights against the poverty in the townships and aims to give an equal chance for personal development to every child. We believe that the children in the townships can become the best version of themselves and to be a valuable contribution to the society, if they have the facilities to follow a quality education.

Many of these children have been left in the care of grandmothers, family members and often without the support of biological fathers to act as role models. For this reason, we believe that the dependency on having food on the table and school education becomes paramount. Therefore, we decided to create the Townships Foundation and with united efforts to fight against the poverty, the hunger and the ignorance in the townships of South Africa.

Townships Foundation does not have a professional photos or videos on its website or Facebook page. We work with the resources, which we have and we prefer to invest all your donations in helping our children.

Any assistance financially or in any other way will be intelligently applied, selected and implemented.