Current projects

Siyazama Educare Center 

Siyazama, started in 2004 at the initiative of the local community, registered as Educational Centre offering the Early Childhood Development Program. This is a Government aided crèche with the children being of average age of between 3 to 6 years. The Centre operates from 8:00 to 14:00 during the school term, with the Principal, one volunteer teacher and another volunteer, who assists with the cooking. The fees paid by parents constitute the primary source of funds. The Methodist Church recently sponsored the building of two outside toilets, while students from the Port Alfred campus of Stenden University assist with various tasks as part of their community engagement program.

SVP’s nutrition program supplies provision and fresh vegetables to ensure that this little people were given a meal each day. Moreover, 33 happy little people went home with new pairs of shoes, after receiving help from Central Council.  For a number of years a South African association was sponsoring several children from Siyazama by paying their attendance fees, but due to financial constraints they stopped from August 2016.

Even though Siyazama receive help from some association and from people from the community, the help unfortunately is not enough. Syiazama needs resources to feed the children, for repairmen of the kitchen’s roof, since every time it rains their food gets wet and they have to throw it away.

Every donation is highly appreciated by those little people and it will make them happy, but most importantly it will make a huge difference in their life.






Phumelela Special Need Disability Center



Taking projects like Phumelela Special Need Care Center is so heartbreaking and at the same time admirable, that people like Priscilla Silveana exists, who are willing to devote their time and life in supporting the ones, who have nobody to believe in them!

Priscilla Silevana is a very special lady in Nolukhanyo, who decides to take things into her own hands and look after children, who due to their disabilities are not accepted into the Education Deparment stream. Therefore, Phumelela Special Need Care Center, located in Nelukhanyo, Bathurs opened its doors years ago, in order to welcome and take care of children and youths with mental disabilities.

Every day Priscilla is dedicated in her cause and looks after 18 children, keeps their minds stimulated, cooks them a meal and pays the rent of the house she uses. Thanks to the good heart of this amazing lady, those kids who have been wandering the streets for a number of years, now have somebody, who is willing to take care of them, teach them what is right and wrong, how to become good persons and  integrate them into the society. The parents are so grateful for what she does and try to help her financially every month with whatever they can, but unfortunately only their support is not enough. Pascillia strongly believes that there are good people like her, who will also be touched by her cause and support her in helping the kids from Pumelela Special Need Care Center feel accepted from the society and feel their beliefs.

The condition of the building where the children should have their classes and therapies is unacceptable, they do not have doors, windows, toilets must be built up, the walls must be painted, as well as an extra room for kitchen should be made within the house, in order for the kids to have their food cooked and stored.

We believe that with your help and support, we can put back the smile on Priscilla and her children’s’ face and make them feel loved, accepted and most importantly forget about the hunger!




Help the children from the orphanage Child Welfare Port Alfred


Child Welfare Port Alfred is an orphanage, which currently gives shelter to 10 kids under the age of 10. Their intention is to recover the kids emotionally and integrate them into the society, so they can feel as all the other kids who have not had this bad fate.

Furthermore, the orphanage is also taking care of the kids by feeding them, sending them to school and supplying them with clothes. Child Welfare Port Alfred currently receives help from the National Lottery (Lotto) and from the fundraisings they make. Unfortunately, the resources they have are not enough and the orphanage is struggling in this aspect, since they have to cover expenses such as the transportation to school and back, stationary expenses, the school fees, all the books needed, clothes and food.

If the Child Welfare Port Alfred does not have enough resources for the next year, the orphanage will be forced to close next year and leave those kids homeless.