Shocking Facts

  • 213,000 (25%) out of 800, 000 South African student failed the end of year examination.

  • 70% of the school has no access to soap. 40% do not have access to toilet paper or sanitary pas.

  • Malnutrition is a major cause of death for 64% of South Africa's children under the age of 5. About 75000 of the children do not make it their 5th birthday. 75% of newborn babies die in their first week of life.

  • About 80% of the South African schools are dysfunctional, due to lack of equipment and skill.

  • 2.1 million reported child hunger, which is 14% of the total African child population.



The Story of Nandi

“Before I hoped that the weather will be nice because I was walking to school with bare feet. My father died a couple of years ago and my mother is not earning enough money to buy shoes for the whole family, so sometimes during the winter or the rainy days my brothers and me had to walk without shoes. I was very happy when my teacher told to me and to my classmates who did not have shoes that some good people from Townships Foundation will give us new shoes and socks. Now I do not have to walk with bare feet to school and I am not afraid of the winter and the rainy days. Thank you a lot good people from Townships Foundation!”

-Nandi, 11 year