Our Team

Our international team consists of individuals who are willing to help the children of South Africa and give them a chance for better future. People with different skills, background and experience have come together and identified the need for development and education of the children and specifically the ones at the rural areas of South Africa. Unfortunately, the facilities of these rural areas have been obviously neglected. For this purpose, our aim is to support selective communities and schools to develop opportunities similar to the ones in the integrated urban areas.


Board Members:

Chairman: Simona Basheva

Secretary: Elisabeth (Lyanne) Gaastra

Treasurer: Thomas Gaastra

The Board Members and the employees receive no remuneration for their work, their commitment is entirely voluntarily.

Stichting Townships Foundation will annually deposit its annual reports in the trade register.

In addition, the main lines of our policy rules will be published soon, financial accounts will be submitted and a current activity report will be drawn up. The letter will only be a global report of the number of requests for assistance per jurisdiction. No personal or substantive matters will be released.